Maple Grove Stem Cell Injections & Therapy:
Team Health Care, a Multi-Specialty Wellness Clinic

We offer more than “just an injection”

Team Health Care Clinic provides our Maple Grove patients that are interested in stem cell injections with a Regenerative Health Lifestyle Program. We believe that the results from stem cell injections are greatly improved when a patient is following a regenerative lifestyle. The program, valued at $2,900, is included free of charge for a limited time, to our patients when they participate in stem cell injections. When you are ready to see how you can improve joint pain, contact Team Health Care Clinic for more information and to schedule a free consultation.

Stem Cell Injections

Stem cell injections for damaged and weakened joints are now being offered at Team Health Care Clinic, serving Maple Grove and surrounding areas.

One more important life-long benefit

When any of our patients receive stem cell injections, they will receive lifetime follow-ups for free. These appointments will check the condition and pain of the joint to gauge how your body is reacting to stem cell injections. Our team of professionals want to be with you throughout each step of your recovery. CLICK HERE to schedule your free consultation for stem cell injections that includes our Regenerative Health Lifestyle Program.

Why stem cells?

Stem cells can improve a patient’s overall quality of life, as well as reduce their everyday joint pain. With the introduction of stem cell therapy, many patients can also avoid having costly surgery. It is a quick procedure that has lasting effects and results.

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