Do You Suffer From Neuropathy Pain?


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We believe that the body can heal itself when given the right conditions. Our neuropathy treatment plans emphasize the inherent recuperation power of the body to heal itself without drugs or surgery.

Combining the best of the medical world, incorporating physical therapy, restorative therapy, nutritional adjustments and the most up to date, non-invasive natural chiropractic therapies, we are more equipped than ever to get your health back on track.

What to expect with our proven method: 

We get to the root cause of your problems with our in-depth consultation and exam.  We offer state-of-the-art cutting edge therapies and technologies, utilizing an all-natural approach. 

Stop living with increased sensitivity to touch in feet or hands or feet, which leads to muscle cramping or general discomfort of your joints that can happen throughout your body.

Stop putting harmful medications into your body to just cover up your pain. Let’s heal!  

Team Health Care Clinic offers a 100% drug-free solution.

Stop Missing Out on the Fun Things In Life

Pain can stop you from doing what you love.  It’s time to get back on the golf course, playing with your family, and enjoying life!

Get to the Root Cause of Your Discomfort

  • Our treatment gets to the root cause of your pain
  • It’s time to heal at the cellular level
  • No more over-the-counter drugs or deadly opioids
  • Stop missing out on what you love doing because of neuropathy pain!
  • Stop covering up the pain
  • Regenerate your tissues and heal

Start enjoying the benefits:

Increased Energy!

Peripheral neuropathy, the nerve cell takes over every aspect of your life. It’s hard to walk, enjoy time with friends, and even sleep. The pain or discomfort disrupts your normal energy flow, and the attention you pay to pain can be exhausting.

If you have peripheral neuropathy, your nerve cells in your hands and feet have begun to malfunction. Your brain interprets these “misfires” as pain. Nerves in other parts of your body may also malfunction, leading to seemingly unrelated conditions like indigestion.

Each of these is related to those malfunctioning nerves impacting motor functions.

Improved Function

Peripheral neuropathy can make it hard to walk. You may feel like there are needles stabbing the tops or bottoms of your feet with each step. Many with this condition need to use a walker or other assistive devices to get around.

After receiving this treatment, many patients no longer need their walkers. They can increasingly get around without them.

Studies show improved relaxation, circulation, and reduced inflammation. Each of these contributes to enhanced mobility and motor function.

Pain Relief

The most notable results that people experience is pain relief. Team Health Care delivers targeted pain relief to your limbs to create a healthier you.  The benefits can be life-changing!

Decide Now To Get Relief!

The most common mistakes neuropathy pain sufferers make are to think “it will go away on its own” or “the medications will get me better”. 

Don’t make these mistakes and wait too long.

Our 4-Step Process will

  • Vitalize nutrients
  • Increase blood Flow
  • Educate small fiber nerves
  • Decrease pain signals

Sanexas successfully treats chronic pain and neuropathy such as:


Losing feeling in your hands or feet and sometimes experiencing the pins and needles feeling

Hurts To Walk

Having trouble walking, moving your feet, and being mobile is a very common symptom of neuropathy.

Prickling / Tingling

Painful prickling and tingling in the extremities is experienced by some of those with peripheral neuropathy.

Balance Problems

Feeling off balance, not being able to stand for long periods of time, and just feeling off is a very common symptom.

Sharp Electric Pain

Feeling like you are being electrocuted, or touching a battery or electric fence. This feeling can be shocking and very uncomfortable.

Diabetic Nerve Pain

Pain caused by diabetes can impact the nerves and cause Neuropathy. This pain can come at any time and last for days, months or more.

Burning Pain

The slow burning, and heat feeling that some people get in their hands and feet.

Restless Leg

The inability to stop moving your legs or other extremities.  Unwanted movement and pain in the legs.

Cramping & Discomfort

Muscle cramping or general discomfort of the joints can happen throughout the body.


Inflammation and pain in the joints.  This can impact almost any part of the body.

 What Is Sanexes?

Sanexas uses electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator. These energy waves stimulate your body at the cellular level to promote healing. Sanexas is backed by over 30 research articles. It is safe and affordable. It is helping patients to avoid medications and surgery. This life changing treatment is now available in Champlin, MN!