NAET Allergy Treatment

Say Goodbye to Illness: NAET

NAET Allergy Elimination

It sounds almost too good to be true, doesn’t it? At first, we thought so too, but after extensive evaluation, we added it to our treatment program. Since then, we have treated hundreds of patients who have been able to say “goodbye” to their allergies using this natural, non-invasive technique.

NAET stands for Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique, named after the doctor who developed it. The theory behind the technique comes from various medical disciplines including acupuncture, chiropractic, nutrition, kinesiology and allopathy. NAET treats allergies of all kinds, whether food or environmental. It is highly effective for infants and children as well as adults.

The technique allows Dr. Jay Bertsch to test for offending substances, then apply a gentle treatment which changes the way your immune system responds to that substance. The body is, in effect, re-programmed to no longer identify that substance as an “allergen.”

It sounds simple, but it’s not. The treatment involves complex changes throughout the brain, nervous system, and your body’s energy pathways. Once you understand the whole concept behind how NAET works, you can see why it is so effective. Please contact our clinic if you would like to read more in our informational packet, “Say Goodbye To Illness.”

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“After maybe 15 years of chronic congestion from allergies, I’m on my way to being able to breathe freely again, thanks to the NAET treatments. Thanks for exceeding my high expectations.” — Dan

“I have had eight NAET treatments. The results are unbelievable. I feel so much healthier not taking allergy drugs. Not only have I gotten over my seasonal allergies, but I can now enjoy some foods that had given me problems. NAET is a wonderful treatment.” — Cyndi

“I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. The pain in my hips and thighs was extreme and would move around to other muscles. I was unable to sleep. I was unable to continue working. The MD’s gave me Paxil and Amitriptyline which had strong side effects. I tried magnets, vitamins and herbs which gave me energy but did nothing for the pain. I changed my diet to eat nothing but rice and baby greens.

After our consultation my husband and I chose to try NAET treatments. Wow! After the 2nd treatment the pain was gone. I am feeling great. With one more treatment to complete the 10, I feel great and am off all medications and crazy diets. Hurray!” — Corinne