Team Health Care Clinic is a multi-specialty wellness clinic

A devoted team of medical, chiropractic and physical therapy specialists

Team Health Care Clinic, PC offers the finest in multi-specialty wellness care. Our team consists of medical providers, chiropractors, physical therapists and physical therapy assistants. Additionally, there is a nutrition specialist and a massage therapist on staff. Adults and children alike get the benefit of this unique and well-rounded approach to wellness.

Patients can take advantage of a wide range of service lines including: Regenerative Medicine, Family Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Athletic Rehab and Brain Therapy.

Our mission: “Leading people to sustained wellness.”

The goal our providers is to lead people to sustained wellness through an integrative approach. Our providers are experts in their distinct specialties and work hard to identify and treat the cause of each patient’s condition, in addition to the symptoms. Patients appreciate that the medical providers offer medications as a last resort, not the first option. The providers at Team Health Care Clinic continually collaborate and discover new therapies and approaches to improve patient outcomes. Our chiropractors are highly trained in a wide variety of specialties including internal medicine, neurology and neurofeedback.

This multi-specialty wellness clinic is different

There are many multi-specialty clinics in and around the Twin Cities area, but most only offer traditional medical care. At Team Health Care Clinic our multi-specialty approach focuses on a natural wellness approach which we believe offers our patients the very best type of care. We offer traditional medical care, chiropractic and physical therapy all under one roof.