Challenging Current ADD/ADHD/AUTISM Beliefs

A Drug-Free Approach

We’ve been told that conditions such as ADD/ADHD, autism, Asperger’s, and other neurological conditions are separate problems with no explainable root cause and no real cure.

The only way to treat is with psychiatric drugs (which mask symptoms), and to learn coping techniques or how to “manage” the problem. This doesn’t offer patients who suffer or parents of children diagnosed much hope!

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Our goal is to see the brain fully functioning, allow the patient to get off medications, do better in school, perform athletically, have a better family life and do better socially- in other words, to have the healthy, active, and thriving life that every person deserves!


Adam’s Brain Balance Journey

A patient that has been with Team Health Care Clinic for 15 years gives testimony of their treatment care with ADD. 

In 9th grade he was unable to read or write.  We worked with him and were able to create a health plan to work around his school schedule. 

Now Adam is thriving! He recently scored a 30 on his ACT.

Annika’s Brain Performance Journey

Annika is a special needs adoptee from China who was adopted by a lovely family in Minnesota. At 2 years old she was unable to roll over, stand, walk, and had issues with eye contact. She is now 28 years old and has been officially diagnosed with Pervasive Development Disorder, Autism, and PTSD.
After years of searching for a brain balancing specialist, her parents found Team Health Care Clinic because they wanted to find a specialist that understood Annika’s needs.

Since she started her journey at Team Health Care’s Brain Performance Center, Annika has hit many milestones in her healing. She has better eye contact with her family members, her negative behavior has decreased, and she has been able to add more diversification within her vocabulary. Annika has also started to enjoy TV programs more because of her improved ability to she focus. Her family has found her to be less abusive toward herself and her rocking back and forth has decreased.

One of Annika’s most notable improvements is her verbal affection toward her family. She is now saying, “Thank you” to her sister and telling her loving mother, “Hello Mommy!” Annika’s mother was filled with joy as she recalled a moment of her daughter recognizing herself as a “sweetheart,” which Annika had not been able to do in the past.

What can you expect to see from our unique approach? Patients and parents frequently see improvement in:


Decreased Negative Behavior


Better Focus, Attention and Concentration


Improved Athletic Performance


Marked Improvement In Communication and Social Skills


Increased Academic Performance and Better Grades


Elimination of Aberrant and/or Extreme Behavior


Improvement in Mood


Improved Quality of Life; Overall More Well-Adjusted, Happy and Thriving Individual

You deserve to understand all your treatment options so you can make the best decision regarding your health.

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THCC is a Medicare/Medicaid provider. While federal laws do not allow us to market free services to recipients of these programs, recipients are eligible for covered services at THCC as allowed by these programs. Our office and staff are committed to providing all patients quality healthcare services delivered with dignity and concern; regardless of their race, color, national origin, age, sex, disability and religious or political beliefs.

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