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What excites me the most is when I hear from a patient the word ‘better’ because when I hear that, I know that we’re doing our job.”

Jay Bertsch, DC

The clinic mission is to bless our community by leading people to sustained wellness. One method of accomplishing that goal is to remove the interferences that are preventing your own body’s innate ability to do what it was designed to do; heal itself!

Understanding the Brain and Nervous System

Your brain and nervous system controls every cell, tissue, organ and system in your body. Consider what an amazing and complex system this is. Without any conscious effort on your part, nerve impulses are sent back and forth from the brain through the spinal cord to every organ and system in your body, directing the very functions of life itself—breathing, heart rate, digestion, muscle movement, memory, immune function and hundreds of other duties!

Causes of Pain and Dysfunction

Disruption occurs when the bones of the spine lose normal motion or position and rub, choke or irritate spinal nerves. This is called vertebral subluxation. The disrupted nervous system sends an alarm back to the brain, where it is processed and dealt with based on the signal it was provided. The brain’s response to the abnormal signal may be to experience pain, spasm, weakness or even fatigue, digestive disorders, poor focus and a host of hundreds of other symptoms.

Some of the causes of vertebral subluxations are:

  • Trauma (car accidents, injury, falls, sports injury, overuse)
  • Emotional disorders or stress
  • Nutritional deficiencies and sensitivities
  • Illness and chemical or toxin exposures

When the nervous system is compromised, it ultimately results in disease and degeneration. Pain, inflammation, and poor function are common symptoms but are not the cause.

THCC’s chiropractors unique approach (Hint: It’s all about the brain!)

THCC’s chiropractors use gentle, yet effective, methods to restore the bones of the spine to their proper position. For these chiropractors though, that is only a part of the story. Their real purpose is to improve the patient’s nervous system which leads to improved brain function.

Our patients often report immediate improvement in a variety of symptoms. One of our doctor’s great professional enjoyments is witnessing the host of symptoms, beyond just pain, that could be improved from their techniques. Their methods are effective because they understand that what they are doing is ultimately helping their patient’s brains function better. The goal of their treatment techniques is to remove irritation to the nerves, which changes the message the brain receives, allowing the brain to function better. Health is restored because the brain functions better.

In other words, the patient’s brain now has the ability to “heal itself,” just like it was designed to do.

If you suffer from any chronic or difficult condition, and would like to find out more about how we help or reverse health conditions, contact our multispecialty wellness clinic in Champlin Mn. and find out how to get started on your way back to health!