A Natural Approach to Brain Fog, Sleep issues and Stress

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Brain fog is directly a symptom of brain inflammation.

Patients are unable to focus, concentrate, or pay attention for periods of time. They may even feel that they are unable to continue to work or spend time with others. The adverse effects can be large and wide-reaching.

Do you suffer from the following?


Brain fog is the feeling of being “in a fog” or “in the clouds.” Brain fog is directly a symptom of brain inflammation. Patients are unable to focus, concentrate, or pay attention for periods of time.

Slower mental processing speed
Poor mental clarity
Midafternoon fatigue


The symptoms of stress can be quite varied, depending on if it is physical, emotional, chemical or a combination of stresses. Stress can eventually lead to anxiety and depression.

Poor sleep
Poor memory
Unexplained fatigue

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When we successfully treat brain inflammation patients have said: “I no longer have that sleepy feeling; my brain is working faster again. Now I don’t feel like I’m struggling just to get my work done.”


Stress and Poor Sleep Affecting Your Brain Health?

Each patient’s stress manifests itself in a different way.

At Team Health Care Clinic we help the body eliminate the damage that the stress creates.

We take the time necessary to get to the root issue of stress for each patient. Our providers truly excel in helping patients with chronic stress symptoms.

You deserve to understand all your treatment options so you can make the best decision regarding your health.

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