Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

Diane’s Transformative Journey

After years of struggling with depression, Diane came to Team Health Care Clinic.

We created a Transformational Wellness plan that included TMS and a nutrition plan.

By addressing both her gut health and brain health, she is experiencing improved energy and has better results than ever.

rTMS is drug-free and noninvasive for many conditions:














Bi-polar disorder




Other brain-related disorders

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Often patients suffering from major depression obtain no relief or inadequate relief from antidepressants. 



How Does rTMS Work?

rTMS is a medical grade magnet that is used to balance the speed of abnormal operating nerves in the brain. The magnet sends a signal that can be varied to stimulate or slow down the nerves in the specific regions.

rTMS For Depression

The normal pattern that scientists expect brains to work at is 15-20 pulses per second (pps) on the left front portion of the brain, also called the frontal lobe. Patients whose brains run below 15pps have symptoms that typically include depression.

rTMS For Anxiety

Normally, the left side of the brain works at a higher frequency than the right side.

When this pattern reverses, and the right brain works at a higher frequency, the individual often exhibits symptoms that doctors call anxiety.

This right brain dominance may be due to the right brain working too fast, or the left brain not working fast enough, or both.

Why Is Team Health Care Clinic A Unique resource for rTMS?

At Team Health Care Clinic, we have greatly improved the standard of care for rTMS treatments in three ways:

1. Unlike most rTMS providers, we do EEG guided rTMS. This means we assess the frequencies of the brain at 19 locations to determine each patient’s brain pattern. Using this information, we can give the patients the correct treatment to the specific area of the brain for the very best results. We also do repeat EEG’s at the 15th and 30th visit to assess progress.

2. Unlike some TMS units that can only treat at 10pps frequency, our state-of-the-art equipment can treat from 1pps to 20pps depending on the abnormal brain pattern. If we need to slow the brain, we can treat at the lower frequency. If we need to stimulate brain, as in depression, we train at a higher frequency.

3. We utilize our expertise in brain health nutrition to help our patients create the optimal environment for their brain to heal. This may include addressing, as necessary: blood glucose, neurotransmitter deficiency, brain-gut connections, gluten sensitivity, and other considerations. 

Does Insurance Cover The Cost Of rTMS?

The cost of the treatments is covered by most primary insurance carriers for very specific forms of major depression.

Our office staff can help determine the coverage for your specific insurance plan.

What Do The Treatments Feel Like

During treatments, the patient will hear a clicking sound and feel a tapping sensation.

Many patients watch television or read a magazine during treatment.

Some patients report mild discomfort or headaches post-treatment, but are able to resume their daily activities immediately following a session.

The minor side effects from rTMS are in sharp contrast with the side effects from medications which can include weight gain, cognitive impairment, sexual dysfunction and many others.

You deserve to understand all your treatment options so you can make the best decision regarding your health.

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