What are the stages of autoimmune disorders?


Stage One : Positive antibody tests to a body tissue with no symptoms in that tissue.

For example, if we determine a patient has a positive antibody test to connective tissue and
does not have joint pain they are in stage one. We would make them aware of the symptoms they need to watch out for. These include joint pain and inflammation which are indications that they have moved into stage two.


STAGE Two: Positive antibody tests to a body tissue with symptoms being experienced in that tissue.

Each major tissue tested for immunity has symptoms associated with it when it advances to stage two. For example thyroid has fatigue and weight gain, brain may have balance and depression. We make sure that our patients know the symptoms associated with their autoimmunity to prevent it from worsening.


STAGE Three: Positive tests for antibodies plus symptoms, with evidence of the destruction of that specific body tissue.

Examples of this are patients who have thyroid issues who develop a goiter or patients with rheumatoid arthritis who experience joint destruction.

There are more than 100 autoimmune diseases; here are common ones that respond well to functional medicine.


Rheumatoid arthritis




Multiple Sclerosis


Celiac disease




Addison's disease


Pernicious anemia/atrophic gastritis


Diabetes mellitus, type 1


Hashimoto’s autoimmune thyroiditis

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Dr. Tim Bertsch was awarded  Board Certification as a Clinical Internist in 2000. 

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