Maria Eyberg, P.T.

“Everybody deserves to live a life that is free from pain and disability. That is what I find most rewarding about the work I do—helping our patients meet their goals to be free from pain and be active again. Since I was quite young, I had a desire to work with and help individuals with disabilities. Helping patients become healthy and active again is something that I look forward to, and teaching people how to maintain that level of health on their own is very satisfying. That is one of the things I like best about the approach here – rather than treating a part of the body or focusing on just the symptoms – we treat the whole person, and people actually become healthier as a result.”

Maria has extensive experience in pediatric physical therapy vestibular rehabilitation, balance/gait training, and orthopedic issues. She loves exercising, playing sports, and really enjoys spending time with kids, especially coaching children’s sports.

College of St. Catherine, Masters in Physical Therapy, 1998:
Undergraduate studies in Biology and Applied Science, 1992-1996

Continuing Education: Neurodevelopmental Treatment (NDT), Vestibular and Balance Disorders, Gait Analysis and Treatment, Orthotics, Kinesiotaping, Muscle Energy techniques for healing, Sports Injuries and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation.

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