A Drug-Free Alternative For Depression

Over 6% Of Americans Suffer From Depression

Extremely Effective for Depression

It’s estimated that 60% of depression medications fail, and the side effects of these medications are considerable: weight gain, fatigue, low libido, insomnia, suicidal thoughts in the young and many more.

We created a treatment plan for depression called the Brain Balancing Program. This program offers answers and alternatives that go far beyond prescriptions for antidepressants.

The first step we take for patients in our Brain Balancing Program is to identify the reasons that the brain is not functioning optimally.

This can include:



Comprehensive blood panel of key wellness markers


Functional brain examinations


Brain nutritional assessments


Computerized brain and inflammation screening


Genetic testing


Digestive function tests


EEG with digital analysis 


Other in-depth tests

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Often patients suffering from major depression obtain no relief or inadequate relief from antidepressants.


Brain Balance Is For


People who want their brain to function better


Individuals who are tired of medication-only routes


Those willing to make lifestyle changes to optimize results

Brain Balancing Is Not For


People who want to mask their brain inflammation


Individuals who want to pursue a medication-only route.


Those not willing to make nutritional and behavior changes

Depression has many possible causes.

It can be due to physical, chemical, or emotional traumas. It can also be spiritual in nature. Most often it is a combination of all of these.

We do not treat all of the possible causes of depression in our clinic, and work only with patients who do not want to pursue a medication-only route.

We recommend that all patients continue to seek counseling and spiritual guidance with appropriate professionals.

However, our Brain Balancing Program naturally helps the brain to function better, and can be used as a standalone protocol or in conjunction with those on antidepressants, receiving counseling or spiritual guidance.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to see if our Brain Balance Program is right for you.

You deserve to understand all your treatment options so you can make the best decision regarding your health.

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