Suffering from shoulder pains or injuries is more typical of what you think because that is the most mobile part of your whole body, so they are prone to have injuries and degenerate over time. Most people get tired of keeping up with medicines, surgeries, and injections to find relief. However, the truth is that better, safer, and natural options can be a more practical approach, and without the many unwanted side effects of drugs and meds.

When visiting Team Health Care Clinic, we give you the traditional Chinese acupuncture treatment and focus not only on your shoulders but also on any other area causing you discomfort. Dr. Haley A. Bertsch, D.C., our certified acupuncturist, is passionate about helping patients live pain-free lives. While performing acupuncture, she uses extra tools from her chiropractor training to help those with shoulder issues.

What is Shoulder Pain?

As we said above, it is prevalent to find a patient with shoulder pain because of the broad motion range that this joint has among other body joints. We use our shoulders every day and repetitively, which makes the cartilage to break with time. The healing process takes time and is hard not only to feel pain relief on the shoulder but also to heal other problems that pain in the shoulder causes.

When it comes to shoulder pain, there are four essential categories to consider: Tendon inflammation, tendinitis, or tendon tear; instability, arthritis, and fracture, or break. Not too common causes of shoulder pain could be tumors, infection, or nerve-related problems. 

The Intensity and causes of shoulder injuries will vary; therefore, treatments may vary, and not all shoulder pain is relieved with drugs. It is relevant to find the ideal care to recover effectively, and this excellent care should be natural and holistic.

Acupuncture for Shoulder Injuries

Acupuncture treatments can heal neck pain, knee pain, and shoulder pain naturally. In the Team Health Care Clinic, we apply this ancient Chinese practice to balance the body’s natural energy channels. 

In Acupuncture, the specialist typically selects acupuncture points per the previous evaluation and patient discomforts. Five to 20 sterilized and really thin needles are inserted in the chosen areas, and when inserted, the patient feels numbness that indicates that treatment works. The length of therapy varies up to thirty minutes.

Know the most common shoulder pain types that Acupuncture can relieve:

Shoulder strain

It frequently happens when backward force is placed on the arm and stretches the shoulder ligament. This is not a very hard injury, and the RICE method is commonly used as a healing treatment. This works when the damage is recent, and in any case, if pain persists beyond 48 hours, you should consider visiting a health care specialist to avoid more severe injury.

Acupuncture helps by reducing the risk of tissue in your shoulder to inflamed. 

Shoulder Tendonosis

The “ball” at the top of the upper arm bone fits inside the glenoid socket moving and rotating to allow you to do your daily activities. This process is present with every single movement. Tendons connect muscles and bones, and the overuse can cause Muscles are attached to bones via tendons. Overuse of the shoulder can eventually cause a prejudicial modification of these tendons by wearing down collagen in the tendons in the shoulder joint. This loss of collagen is what experts call tendonosis, and Acupuncture helps this shoulder by activating more oxygen and blood flow.

The “Frozen Shoulder” syndrome

Adhesive capsulitis, when starting the pain, is progressive. As it advances, you begin losing mobility, and this initial stage can last from weeks to months until the shoulders lose mobility wholly frozen. The pain may be less, but it still is incapacitating. Acupuncture treats frozen shoulders. Patients need to know the urgency of seeking care as soon as possible before it worsens. This condition creates other problems in the surrounding areas.

Frequently used treatments

Pain killers are always prescribed as the first pain shoulder treatment, but the real situation is that those meds don’t heal the affected area. They only cover the pain. It’s like a band-aid! When someone is in pain because of shoulder joints, they find themselves needing quick solutions, but you need to know that it only works temporarily, and there are better natural and more effective options to heal.

Medications almost always have side effects, damaging in their majority, and when you are suffering chronic pain, the last thing you want is to add a new symptom to deal with. Many healthcare professionals treat shoulder pain conditions with prescriptions or over the counter medications. Some of these common medications are: 

  • Anti Inflammatories (NSAIDs)
  • Muscle Relaxants
  • Pain Medications

When these medications don’t have relevant side effects, they still cover the problem temporarily. Natural treatments and holistic medicine go to the root of the problem and give sustainable healing.

Acupuncture and Shoulder Pain

Acupuncture helps the body release natural chemical opioids, Acupuncture also broads blood vessels and increases oxygen flow, and the healing time is reduced. Considering natural healing treatments allows your body to heal by itself and regenerates the tissue that’s been damaged.

Our specialists work with Team Health Care Clinic patients to diagnose what is causing pain, spot discomfort areas and shape a treatment that offers the best results. 

Acupuncture to heal Shoulder Pain in Champlin, MN.

The procedure in Team Health Care Clinic Practice is comfortable and painless for most people, often leaving patients relaxed and rejuvenated after their session. Dr. Bertsch says, “Basically, what we are doing with acupuncture is stimulating different acupressure points throughout the body to help the body perform optimally.” Since the acupuncture needles used are hair-like, Bertsch attests to this practice being pain-free, with most patients feeling only a slight pinch before relief. Acupuncture can be used to relieve various forms of pain, from migraines to Osteoarthritis. Give us a call or fill up this form to see if Acupuncture will help relieve your pain.

Acupuncture is an exceptional stand-alone or complementary treatment for pain management. It is often used to relieve discomfort associated with a variety of conditions.