Are you struggling with numbness, tingling, or burning pain in your body? Chances are its nerve damage. Better known as peripheral neuropathy. If you are diagnosed with neuropathy, you’re more than likely looking for solutions to relieve your chronic pain.

Some of the more common conventional medicine treatment plans only include medications or injections. This provides only temporary pain relief and allows the nerve damage to worsen over time.

When looking at long term treatment for neuropathy, the first step should be getting to the root cause of the pain. Whether it’s an underlying disease, previous injury, or even infection. Treating what’s causing the nerve damage will prevent further pain and hinder the disease from becoming chronic.

Finding a comprehensive approach to treating your neuropathy will not only help relieve your pain, but it will get you long term results that cannot be achieved by medications alone. At Team Health Care Clinic, we have created a comprehensive neuropathy treatment program to heal those suffering from peripheral neuropathy, naturally.


Living With Neuropathy

Life with peripheral neuropathy can be debilitating. With increased sensitivity in your hands and feet, it makes living a normal life difficult. It’s also hard to enjoy any one activity while you’re in chronic pain.

Approximately 20 million Americans are living with peripheral neuropathy (DignityHealth).

That’s 20 million too many struggling to get through their life pain free. The good news is that peripheral nerves have the capacity to heal and regenerate. That’s why getting to the cause of your neuropathy is essential. 

When living with neuropathy, there are important steps at home you can take to alleviate symptoms. Your lifestyle affects your body and creating healthy habits fights off the chances of neuropathy symptoms increasing.

Below are some simple steps to follow that Team Health Care Clinic supports for continuing treatment of peripheral neuropathy at home:

  • Take care of your feet. Especially if you have an underlying disease, such as diabetes. Neglecting foot care when you already have nerve pain isn’t recommended.
  • Exercise regularly. Exercise can help alleviate neuropathy pain, strengthen muscles and reduce blood sugar levels. Which when high aggravates nerve damage.
  • Avoid regular alcohol or tobacco use. Affecting blood sugar levels and circulation, substances like these will only worsen neuropathy symptoms.
  • Eat nutrient dense foods. Ensuring you intake all proteins, vitamins and minerals that your body needs to heal. Avoiding foods that throw off your blood sugar levels to unhealthy rates.

Neuropathy Treatment

In most cases, neuropathy is not completely curable, but it is highly treatable. The focus of treatment around your nerve damage is relieving the symptoms and creating a plan for pain management. Then most importantly, preventing your peripheral neuropathy from progressing.

Conventional Medicine 

Focused around pain relief, conventional medicine takes a less natural approach to treating neuropathy. 

Basing the majority of their treatment of the use of strong medications, conventional medicine is treating the pain and not the problem at hand. Masking the symptoms with pain-relieving medications, instead of treating the damaged nerves themselves. Only leaving the neuropathy to progress and become more painful over time.

Harsh medications such as; pain relievers, anti-seizure medications, topical creams, and antidepressants only mask symptoms. When neuropathy patients are advised to use or are prescribed these harsh medications, they’re not taking into consideration the side effects that may come along with them. It’s understandable that those suffering from nerve pain just want pain relief, but there’s a better way to relieve it. Most of these harmful medications are made to treat other diseases, not including neuropathy. 

If patients with peripheral neuropathy are using this treatment for an extended amount of time, the nerve damage may go beyond repair. 

Functional Medicine

The less traditional route of peripheral neuropathy treatment is based around letting the body heal itself when put under certain conditions. Without the need for drugs or surgery, allowing your body to naturally recover.

These non-traditional therapies for neuropathy can vary. Functional medicine is based around finding where your body is dysfunctioning and healing it from there.

At Team Health Care Clinic, we get to the root cause of your pain and start allowing your body to heal itself through our all-natural therapy programs.

With our all-natural approach, we start the healing process at a cellular level. Regenerating your tissues and allowing the nerves to heal themselves. Our plan is to heal and alleviate the chronic pain brought on by neuropathy. 

When your body is diagnosed with neuropathy, it’s because your nerves aren’t getting enough blood supply. Poor health and disease are common triggers that prohibit the correct amount of oxygen and nutrients from reaching the nerves and tissue.

Over time if left untreated, they will begin to completely die off. Creating much bigger issues and a lot more chronic pain. Getting started on the right neuropathy treatment program before it reaches that point, is crucial.

How Team Health Care Treats Neuropathy

Team Health Care bases it’s comprehensive neuropathy treatment program on the urgency of treating what’s causing your nerve damage in the first place. Preventing further pain and deadened nerves, we want to help you heal while also relieving your pain.

Using a new medical technology, called Sanexas, Team Health Care has noticed a life-changing effect on patients with peripheral neuropathy. 

Sanexas uses electronic signal energy waves produced by an ultra-high digital frequency generator. These energy waves stimulate your body at the cellular level to promote healing. Sanexas is backed by over 30 research articles. It is safe and affordable. It is helping patients to avoid medications and surgery. This life changing treatment is now available in Champlin, MN!

Studies show improved relaxation, circulation, and reduced inflammation in patients who undergo the Sanexas Neuropathy treatment.

Team Health Care has adopted this innovative treatment for neuropathy, on top of other natural steps to healing your nerve pain without the use of harsh medications, or surgery.

Along with in house neuropathy treatment, we strongly believe in lifestyle changes to heal neuropathy.


Getting regular exercise may reduce pain or cramping. Exercise also helps control blood sugar levels, which when high, worsen nerve damage. Activities such as swimming, or walking have been known to help manage symptoms.

Diet Plan

The best way to even prevent peripheral neuropathy is to well manage any medical condition that puts you at risk for neuropathy. The most common being diabetes. Keeping a healthy diet and controlling your blood sugar levels through nutrients keeps existing medical conditions from causing neuropathy.

Get ahead of your neuropathy pain at Team Health Care Clinic results matter to us. 

Get Your Neuropathy Treatment Started

If you’re experiencing burning pain in your hands, or feet, it means your nerves are dying off and have stopped receiving blood flow, which carries the nutrients and oxygen to the nerves. The nerves starting to die off is where your pain is stemming from.

Before your nerve completely dies and you lose all feeling, we at Team Health Care want to save you from future loss of limbs through chronic neuropathy caused amputations. 

Our doctors are not here to scare you, they’re here to wake you up!

Visit our website and sign up for our neuropathy consultation. Don’t wait for your symptoms to become beyond repair. Sign up for a consultation today and begin your journey to neuropathy relief.